on 7/5/21 we started enrolling for the intradermal Japanese Encephalitis trial

We are seeking 50 participants who are 18-45 years of age. We will give each participant a 1/5 dose – a microdose as it were – of the registered Japanese Encephalitis (JE) Vaccine to determine if this will be equally effective at encouraging antibodies to JE. There will be three blood tests: at enrollment and then after one and two months. More info is at the clinic website on this link.


We are looking duration of antibodies after a course of intradermal rabies vaccine – this project acmes to enroll 200 patients from Dr Deb The Travel Doctor to look at antibody levels after 5-20 years. Info here

Multidrug resistant bacteria acquisition in Travellers

We are in the writing up phase of this research – Our kind participants had rectal swabs before and after travel to Asia to determine if these antibiotic-resistant germs were acquired and how long these germs persisted.